Private Certified Housing (PCH)

What is Private Certified Housing?

Never heard of Private Certified Housing (PCH)? You’re not alone. This housing option is completely unique to UIUC.

University Housing residence halls are owned by the university, while PCH facilities are privately owned but certified by the university for all UIUC students, including first-year students. Similar to University Housing, PCH facilities offer all the essentials you expect from student housing.
Private Certified Housing

Illini Tower Is Approved by UIUC

Illini Tower is one of only a very select number of housing options for UIUC students that are part of the University’s 81 year tradition of private housing options that are certified to be part of the University’s options for it students .  Illini Tower is proud and honored to be part of the PCH program where residents can enjoy options such as suite-style floor plans, semi-private bathrooms, in-room kitchens, all with energized common areas and our own dining facility!


Stay Connected and Enjoy Every Moment at Home at Illini Tower

Your room is specifically tailored to you and your lifestyle. Enjoy your private space with all the room you might need to study, connect with friends, and enjoy the Illini lifestyle. We lay a solid foundation so you have the stability to focus and explore.

Private Bedrooms

At Illini Tower, your space is your own. Convene with friends or housemates as you wish, then retreat to your private bedroom with a private bath.

Fully Equipped Kitchen

Whether you like to cook, bake or microwave leftovers, our full kitchen has stainless steel appliances that include a refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and oven. Our kitchens are as modern as they come, offering everything students could desire.

Free On-Site Laundry

Free and on-site laundry, perfect for the hectic student trying to do laundry day or night. Amazing after those tough workouts too.

High Speed Wi-Fi

We know how important it is to be connected. That’s why we keep you well-equipped with high-speed, reliable Wi-Fi fast enough to support multiple streaming video and video game devices at all times. Wi-Fi speeds up to 1GB.